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How LASIK eye surgeries are done

When it comes to surgeries, people often don’t know what to expect. The brave find it easy while the afraid often freak out. These days though, more and more people are gaining confidence in surgical operations. People living with farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism or shortsightedness will not hesitate once they are assured that their condition will come to an end permanently. Perhaps more are likely to consider laser surgeries once they understand the full details of what it all entails. It’s time we get down to the specifics. These are the steps followed in the process of LASIK surgery.


The patient has to be physiologically prepared for the procedure. This is not the kind of procedure the surgeon gets done on the first appointment with the client. After visiting the surgeon, the comprehensive evaluation to determine suitability of LASIK Singapore  surgery will follow. If a patient passes the test, then a date is set for the actual operation. The patient is advised on what to do during the days preceding the main date.

Application of aesthesia

It is the responsibility of the surgeon to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Nobody can tolerate pain during a surgery in the eye. These days, surgical operations are done when the patient is wide awake. Aesthesia are hence used to keep the patient comfortable. The eyes get numbed and lid speculum are applied to keep the eye eyelids open.

Making the incision

This is a critical operation where the surgeon has to be on point. You don’t want to hire a sham lasik surgeon for this job. Making the incision on the surface of cornea calls for a microkeratome or laser technology. The flap is then made and lifted so that work on the cornea is possible. The laser does all the work with the direction of the surgeon. The machine removes unwanted cells and sculpts the tissues. Once it is all done and the surgeon is convinced that everything is fine, the flap is taken back to position. It will all be done inside thirty minutes.

After the surgery

Immediately after the surgeon is done, the patient will experience certain side effects. Vision will be blurry, and a slight irritation will be experienced. Eye drops and other prescriptions by the surgeon are recommended. Full vision comes back hours after the surgery. This means that you may require assistance on your way back home. Bring someone with you.


Eye surgeries do not affect huge parts of the eye. Healing is hence rapid. Make sure you adhere to the instructions of the surgeon. Follow up services are recommended. The surgeon may change the prescriptions with regard to how you react to the surgery.

There is a very high likelihood that your operation will be successful. It has worked for many others who have come back to confess it. Don’t suffer with eye disorders. LASIK is the solution to make it all go away.

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