Couple counseling

It is also called marriage counselling or couple therapy. It helps partners realize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. It helps one to make critical decisions about rebuilding and strengthens relationship.  

The services are given by licensed therapist known as marriage and family therapists. The therapists are fully qualified and most of them are satisfied by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). 

The need of couple counseling  

It helps couples in all types of intimate relationships. Couple counseling strengthens the bond of partnership and gain better understanding of each other. For those who prepare to get married, this is the right place to seek assistance. Pre-marital counseling is very paramount as it iron out couple’s differences.  

Couple counseling address and solves matters such as; communication, sexual difficulties, conflicts about child rearing or blended families, substance abuse, anger and infidelity.  

A lot of homes are in domestic abuse, and one can be afraid of telling the other to seek counseling. Counseling alone will be necessary but isn’t adequate. It is recommended you reach the police or local shelter or crisis center for emergency support.  

Preparation for couple counseling  

You need fast find a therapist, always there will be people around you who can give you recommendations psychotherapy Vancouver This can be friends, your health insurer, local mental health agencies among others. Before you start the session it is good to verify reasonable matters concerning the therapist. The questions you ask are;  

Education and experience; what is your education and training background? Are you licensed by the state? Are you credited by AAMFT? Are you experience on my issue? 

Logistics; where is your office? What are your working hours? Can I get in cases of emergency? 

Treatment plan; how many session should we expect to have?   

Fees and insurance; how do you charge for each session?  

Things to expect  

Using couple counseling, there is a lot of benefits that you may expect. You will be equipped with skills to solidify your relationship. Such skills are; open communication, problem solving and how to discuss differences rationally.  

The discussion will cover both good and bad parts of your relationship. You will be able to know the source of the conflicts, identify problems without blame and focus on things to improve. When you approach couple counseling note the following; 

Firstly, it might be not easy to discuss your problems with the therapist. In some cases you might be angry, yell but your therapist will help you to cope with emotions. 

Secondly, you can attend the counseling if your partner fail to show up in the session. You can learn more about your reactions and behavior.  

Thirdly, counseling is often short term. It majorly depends with treatment plan, some will take few sessions while others will take several months.  

You might have homework such as communication exercises. 

Lastly, your partner might need additional care. Some safer from mental illness, substance abuse among others.