Telemedicine Advances For Medical Doctors

How Healthcare is being transformed by Telemedicine ? our lives and especially management of our  has experienced incredible changes thanks to technology advancements. Medical information online has enabled readily and easily accessible information whilst connecting us to medical resources, doctor consultations, and have the capabilities to help us manage our own self-care in the comfort of our homes among others.

Medicine has been democratized by all this as power has shifted from traditional point-of-care to the patient and this has created a market that enables patients take up  services just like traditional goods and services. This market is continually being shaped by a patient?s preferences and demands.

Navigating the Paradigm shift – Telemedicine in the past few years has dramatically changed the landscape which has seen a decreased number of patients visiting doctors? offices. There has definitely been  a very big change.  It is even forecasted that in the near future, ISFTEH eight out of ten patients will visit the doctor?s office virtually. This therefore means that businesses that do not have virtual visits arrangement will be affected in a very big way.

This business arrangement has even made it easier to perform remote diagnostics and this has seen the development of more tool kits which have started hitting the market.  Diagnostic testing is being carried outside the labs and patients can now facilitate interactions with remote physicians by just using a variety of small devices and apps in the comfort of their homes. A good example is, Cell Scope?s Oto HOME, which is a small device that will act as an otoscope when plugged in your phone and this will send accurate videos of your ears inside to your connected physician. Such new technology that is used together with telemedicine, are already impacting on the traditional healthcare model which is only going to increase.  

Telemedicine is about convenience and much more ? this new model hinges mostly on convenience. When there are easier options available for patients-and doctors, we can only imagine that choices will be driven by the need for simplicity. However, technology benefits aren?t just limited to convenience but there is also a reduction in the number of hospital admissions brought about by Telemedicine and high-tech means of monitoring and self-care.

Telemedicine enables patients to be more involved regarding their wellbeing as they have access to more information and easier ways of maintaining control of their health. Telemedicine is likely to play a major part in pushing the evolution of the healthcare market from one that is treatment focused to a prevention focused. Reluctant patients could therefore be enticed to consult a physician and get more involved in their wellbeing as a result of easy and convenient solutions. This will ultimately keep them out of hospital.