Why choose a medipasse code

Many web-health sites have developed reserved professional spaces, both to meet regulatory constraints and to better adapt the services offered to each category of visitors.

Access to these reserved professional spaces requires the use of an identifier and a password, which exposes the visitor to significant disadvantages:
– immediate access to a new site is impossible;
– professional status verification procedures must be repeated at each new registration;
– anonymity is no longer allowed;
– The multiplicity of sites induces an accumulation of codes that are forgotten.

NB: The choice by the user of a constant pseudonym would be incompatible with the concern for authentication: the authenticity of the registrant is precisely ensured by the fact that he uses a code that he did not know before ‘having received.
As for always using the same password, it is contrary to the very principle of this second key, that the user must modify regularly to guarantee its exclusivity.

The medipasse object is to solve all these problems by acting as a “certifying third party”.

A single code (username + password) allows you to certify your profession to all sites that use the medipasse service (and thus access the corresponding professional spaces).

Access to information is immediate on any new site equipped with medipasse, without prior registration deadline.

Registration with verification of professional status is carried out once per medipasse for multiple sites, and the change of password is always possible without risk of forgetfulness or confusion.

The use of medipasse allows to navigate the web-health without having to reveal his identity at any moment. For professional spaces that only require a status certificate, access remains anonymous – although access to certain services may require registered registration.

All healthcare professionals, regardless of their qualifications, can obtain a medipasse code that will allow them to certify their status to sites that request it.
Access to the reserved professional spaces will however be authorized by the webmasters themselves, according to their own choice of public (medipasse merely to route each visitor to the address that has been indicated as corresponding to its status).

Thanks to the marketing of promotional pages (medias of the password entry) medipasse is a completely free service and can thus be widely diffused, in the interest of all.