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A phobia
A veritable community of French-speaking phobics, sponsored by Dr. Christophe André, a psychiatrist at Sainte-Anne Hospital (Paris), ALAPHOBIE aims to allow phobics to exchange information and advice on therapies and therapists.

AFORMEC Toulouse South East
Site of the Toulouse group of EPU of the southern suburbs (Ramonville, Castanet, Auzeville, …)

Aventis Pasteur MSD
Site of the laboratory specialized in vaccination.

Site of Becton Dickinson laboratories, dedicated to diabetes

William Harvey Center
Pages of the William Harvey Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center (Manche). Exercise training, dietetics, smoking. Rehabilitation of cardiac, arteritic, vascular amputees …

Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital
“1) General information on the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital (presentation, life of the Faculty, services and research units, library, yearbook 2) Teaching resources (interactive documents, programs, exam dates) 3) Areas open to students

Charmilles Clinic – Arpajon – France
Improve the services rendered by the Clinic. Information on the establishment, list of specialties, doctors and details of medical and surgical activities. Specific information in the health pages. Continuing medical education pages for professionals.

Information and debates in ophthalmology

First computerized database in vaccinology, practical and referenced. A real electronic encyclopedia on Aventis Pasteur MSD’s field of expertise: vaccines, vaccination and vaccinology.

FMC Star
Association of Continuing Medical Education of General Practitioners of the Valley of Isle -Dordogne

Norman Study Group on Isokineticism
Group information from the isokinetic world into physical medicine and disseminate it
Practical homeopathy
Website on homeopathy

IGH: Institute of Human Genetics.
Putting online the knowledge and skills of the Institute.

Association for the Promotion of Informatics and Communication in Medicine.

Jim Online
Reference portal for health professionals.

The Sleepwalker Screen
In the form of often humorous animations (the Cli’PCs), the site provides Internet users with messages of prevention or general interest. All of these messages constitute the Web Citizen Animation Bank.

The ProVirtuel Documentation Center
Variety of texts written by professionals who reside at the ProVirtuel Center. Answers to frequently asked questions, practical tips for everyone, articles on important points in their field of specialty.

Promote knowledge, research and communication in medicine and health. Professional and all-public

Novartis Labs website dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease

Opinions and debates on medicine

Martin lab site, devoted to proctology

Interactive Network for the Study of Imminent Death Experiences

Acute articular rhumatism
Rheumatic fever. Epidemiological aspects in French Polynesia. History, diagnosis, primary and secondary prevention, links,

Make known the chromosomal anomalies and the association