Medipasse Sponsoring Sites

It is thanks to a banner medipasse on the homepage of their site that the majority of the doctors have registered, a visit of their sites is essential. The first godfathers are all part of the noble Association of French Masters-Canvas

  • Dr. Michaut François-Marie : Medical Expression
    Use all the freedom of the Web for a true and above all constructive dialogue between doctors and non-doctors. Every Friday, publication of the Letter of Medical Expression, weekly French electronic health. Texts of reflection, debates and practical experimentation of the possible contributions of the web to the health.
  • Dr. Gerald Bernardin : MASEF are gathered here medical programs or not M doctors At uthors of S harewares E t F reewares. Discover this world rich in utilities.
  • Dr. Caron Alain : Intermedic
    Association for the promotion of computer science and communication in medicine.
  • Dr. Fineltain Ludwig : Bulletin of Psychiatry
    (Méd.Dir.CMPP, Neuropsychiatrist and Psychoanalyst in Paris)
    The Bulletin appeared on the net since November 1994! I think I was the creator of the first French-language psychiatric website on the Internet. I design, write and layout.
    The Bulletin is devoted to all areas of psychiatry over the fairly broad field that extends from clinical to epistemology and from psychopharmacology to psychoanalysis.
  • Dr. Gracies Henri : Mediamed
    Promote the service to the Internet user (any public or professional) and provide more complete information in the fields of health, including the CME. Professional password: focal
  • Dr. Robinet Bernard : Psy-Franche-Comté
    Hyphen between Psychiatrists and Connected Colleagues: (Suicide, FMC, Society, Meetings, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis)
  • Dr Toutée Vincent : Quantimed
    Online Polls.
  • Dr. Louvet Rémy : Helloduck
    Website of Hellodoc users.
    Software library, utilities to download
  • Dr. Royer Eric : Emergencies
    You will find on this site very specific information (medical, paramedical, firefighters), but also information with a wider audience (first aid, studies, organization of rescue, …).
    Emergency is also a meeting place, thanks to the Mailing List and the Yearbook.
  • Dr Mullens Eric : Sleep, Vigilance, Drowsiness
    You will find on this site a lot of information about sleep and its troubles. Physiology, statistics, health tips … The documents are simple and clear with many graphics. Most of the data come from surveys and studies carried out in the Tarn department.
  • Dr. Le Montagner Joël : Stethonet
    Site for general practitioners in particular and all doctors in general. Clinical observations, tips, FMC, free forum, etc.

Other sites no less deserving sponsors

  • Biostat Users Club Biostat Software Users Club (Easyprat, Easycard, Genesis, Infans, Pneumosoft, Allergosoft, Rhumasoft, Urosoft, Psylog, Eurogest, Sesam Vitale, Recuplab …) Discussion Forum ( ), File exchanges, FAQs …
  • Visulogic the site of Visumédical, co-published with Quotidien du Médecin, offering many free on-line services to Health Professionals: classified ads, email address, Windows tips and tricks, etc. A new section is intended to reward the creators of websites (awarding international awards).
  • ND Conseil Presentation of OMNIGYN the specific software for the management of gynecological and obstetrical activity
  • ALPS08 A very original initiative that federates information for ALL health professionals in a canton.
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Martin : The crossroads of gerontologists
    This site aims to simplify navigation through the vastness of the network, by grouping links, by heading, to sites of a gerontological nature. You will also find practical information, such as a calendar of events, news in bookstores.
    And Geront’on-line : Virtual Journal in Gerontology, full text articles.
  • medigarde medigarde is a care service organized by the family doctors of val de marne. The site is an extension of their activity by establishing a contact with the population and the general confreres
  • Michel VEROLLET pollen hunter explains what his activities consist of, from catching pollens to recognizing grains **
  • Association of Fire Brigade Doctors of Paris The presentation of the emergency medical service of the Paris Fire Brigade. The program of prehospital medicine conferences organized by the BSPP …
  • ADAR Website of ADAR, Association of Diabetics of Angers-Region … Inform, Prevent, Help and Meet Diabetics and Diabetes actors. (AFD member association)
  • Are electromagnetic waves harmful?
  • Lamarck medical analysis laboratory: all about medical analysis Lamarck medical analysis laboratory: localization, organization, visit. Medical analysis: dictionary, nomenclature, explanatory sheets, news, normals. Announcements, bibliography, links, visit the city of Amiens
  • HIDE France Only French-speaking site on a so-called “rare” pathology, chronic suppurative Hidrosadenitis, or Verneuil’s disease.
  • TechLabo – TechLabo’s job site offers a CV database (Registration, Update, Profile Search), useful links, a job search section, a specialized search engine and many services for job search jobs. biology and laboratory.
  • Website of the association of pediatric liberals of Nord-Pas-de-Calais to help parents with advice on diseases and medical problems affecting children. Numerous addresses and directories, educational games. questioning of francophone pediatricians. Professional part.
  • fivFrance techniques of medical assistance to procreation. many addresses and links, associations of mutual assistance, legislation, techniques, results, etc … unavoidable site today, in French language.
  • MEDIPSYLINE: Neuropsychological and Speech-Language Rehabilitation Discover a growing specialty: clinical neuropsychology and its applications for rehabilitation and rehabilitation.
  • Kinémag This site contains information about the profession of physiotherapist, found on the net. You will avoid hours of rarely productive surfing to devote yourself to more playful tasks, accounting, DEP, MSDS, notes of fees, BALANCE SHEETS etc …
  • Neurostaff Site dedicated to the biomechanics of cranio-cerebral trauma and their short and long-term consequences. Basic principles and new directions of research – stereotactic phenomena.
  • Swissweb Zapping Prevention Swissweb Prevention and Promotional Management of Health. Virtual arcade with links and complete brochures on more than 20 themes (addiction, AIDS, cancer, smoking, alcoholism, dietetics, health in the workplace, youth health, allergies, etc.)
  • The Pharmacist’s Guide A Pharmaceutical Guide Produced by Pharmacy Students.
  • http://www.FIBM.FR Sales, Installation and Training specialized in medical and paramedical.
  • Association of Hospital Urgent Physicians of France The official website of the AMUHF.
  • AMOB Site of assistance to the prescription and the decision in cancerology. Protocols and therapeutic tests.
  • Cabinet of Podiatry The pathologies of the foot, their treatments.
  • Advise your patients this site, it will help them better understand their pathology orl.
  • CHSLD Horace-Boivin Home and Long-Term Care Center Horace-Boivin – Granby – Quebec
  • SPECIALIZED ANALYZES : sampling method and usual values ​​in adults and children. Many links with a selection of medical sites.and the site fivFrance of Medical Aid to Procreation (AMP).
  • Info-Medic Medical Informatics
  • vulgaris-medical
    which is incomprehensible, but the way of expressing it, with a vocabulary reserved for insiders only. We think you have the right to understand, because your health is first and foremost about you. “
  • Amylose_infos amyloidosis: a rare disease. You will find on this site all the medical information on amyloidosis, testimonials, support …
  • AFEDA AFEDA is conducting research to better understand Ambrosia artemisiifolia to better combat this highly allergenic plant.
  • Thalasso-Thermes Website-directory of thalasso centers and baths classified by country. Non-commercial site in French and English for general public and doctors.
  • Health Cameroon
    This site describes health in Cameroon, malaria prevention, advice to travelers, vaccinations, a memento for isolated travelers, foresters, hunters, practical Cameroon, health facilities, contacts of doctors, medicine in Douala, medicine in Garoua, medicine in Yaounde
  • Retirement home Fontenelle Starting from the visit of the retirement home of Chauny Hospital (02300), literary, practical and medical extension to gerontology.
  • SARL UTRILOG INTERNATIONAL® – INVENTEUR CONSTRUCTEUR specializes in the treatment of lipodystrophies and the detoxification of tissues by external ultrasound of low frequency and presents: LIPOCAVITRON® and its TREATMENT METHOD ULTRASONOLIPOLYSE®
  • The QT Long Site Syndrome presenting the association, which was created on July 30, 1997. Based on our personal experience of this disease that we live in everyday life. We also explain how, thanks to the Internet, we managed to make us operate abroad.
  • trade union information website for Alsace physicians associated with continuing education sites (in particular a site on food allergy)
  • The Francophone Portal of Orthopedics Portal directory of practitioners and providers of French Orthopedics.
  • Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine: Clinical Examination of the Shoulder Cyriax Orthopedic Medicine Course Containing the Clinical Examination of the Shoulder, and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions with Deep Transverse Massage, Physiotherapy and Infiltration of Rotator Cuff Injury
  • lesouk the souk the newspaper of the Algiers carabins
  • NUTRISENIOR Site on the management of protein-energy malnutrition in the elderly.
  • What you need to know about breast cancer.
  • Eliminate the stuttering Discover the latest research findings and the currently best-designed and most effective method of eliminating stuttering.
  • Ophtasurf, the site on ophthalmology To know everything about the eye, vision, diseases and treatments of vision, optical illusions, Braille etc … Also contains software for ophthalmologists.
  • Training in the first cycle of sophrological studies of health professionals, pedagogy and social sciences. Individualized training or groups relaxation sophrological techniques.