Promotional pages

Medipasse is an anonymous professional attestation service, free for its users. Its financing is ensured by the marketing of promotional pages which serve as a support for entering the password. According to his profile, each visitor is exposed to promotional pages, according to the targets chosen by our advertisers. Content: The promotional pages used to enter the password are designed to be displayed without delay, essentially using the html. The goal is to convey a brief, informative message with a real professional interest.These pages do not include hyperlinks (except to any mandatory legal information). On the other hand, they are available on the medipasse website in a catalog containing links to the advertisers’ websites and any additional information.

Choice of content according to the visited site:
In principle, the promotional page that appears depends only on the profile of the visitor, not on the destination.However, some sites will want to impose the promotional page seen by their visitor during their certification (for example, a pharmaceutical company will prefer to promote its own products). A particular technique can then be implemented so that the site becomes “its own advertiser”. Commercial Agreement Between JenWin and Medipasse User Sites Every health professional’s exposure to a promotional page is the result of medipasse’s partnership with the site being visited. Also, JenWin will return to this site a fraction of the advertising revenue generated by this exhibition.

The promotional pages will be billed to the advertiser in proportion to the number of exhibitions, on the basis of a package for the first 500 exhibitions (including the creation of the page and the technical costs of putting on line), then a tariff decreasing for each 500 exposures.