How to use medipasse on your site

  • Website wishing to offer a unique professional space
    In this section, you can observe how medipasse works when the site offers a single professional space.
  • Website wishing to offer several professional spaces
    In this section, you will be able to observe how medipasse works when the site offers several spaces for different professional profiles. (see demo)
  • Site wishing to identify by name its visitors
    Medipasse is an anonymous attestation service, but it allows the identification of the visitor if he has given his explicit consent.
  • Website wishing to exploit the “profile code” of its visitors
    Medipasse delivers a profile of the visitor which allows the site to know its qualification, its specialty, its mode and its region of exercise.
  • Site wishing not to show the URL of its professional pages
    The visitor can theoretically bookmark the URL of a professional space to return directly to a subsequent visit: disadvantages and solutions.
  • Sites wishing to “sponsor” medipasse
    By posting a banner on their homepage, the sponsor sites allow their visitors to access medipasse to request a co . This mediation mission is naturally retribuée. Further information
  • Promotional pages
    General principles, contractual aspects with the sites, the principle of pricing.
    The following topics are under construction .
  • Directory of sites equipped with medipasse

Medipasse users directory
This section will present the directory of professionals who have a medipasse code and who have agreed to appear on it. The accessible data will be the name, the first name, the qualification, the specialty and the city.
This directory will send a mail to another member, and consult his own mail received.

Catalog of promotional pages of our advertisers
This section will contain all the promotional pages of our advertisers. The holders of a medipasse code will be able to consult the ones of which they are the target (or the advertiser), and to find there the additional information which they look for as well as a possible link towards the site of the advertiser.

Your personal webmaster
This space will include all the information concerning the parameters of your medipasse installation, your attendance statistics etc.