Profile Code

Website wishing to exploit the “profile code” of its visitors.

Medipasse records the number of sites using its professional attestation service, classified by internet profiles. JenWin is able to communicate to each site its own attendance, as well as average attendance by site types, but is prohibited from publishing the statistics of each site.

On the other hand, any site equipped with medipasse receives for each of its visitors, a request including:

  • A doubly specific recognition code calculated from the medipasse code of the visitor and the URL of the visited site, then encrypted.
    It allows sites that have a personal database to reconcile the code of each of their visitors with the name in their database.
  • The professional profile of the visitor:
    this information is communicated in the form of a numerical code appearing in the visitor’s destination URL.
    This “profile code” consists of 10 numbers separated by dots and dashes, indicating his qualification (s), his (her) specialty (s), his (her) framework (s) of exercise, his region and its country of activity, and the process that made it possible to authenticate it.