Recognition code

Medipasse is an anonymous professional attestation service and the company JenWin is forbidden to communicate to a site the name of its visitor.

Nevertheless medipasse delivers to the visited site two informations:

  • The professional profile of the visitor:
    this information is communicated in the form of a numerical code appearing in the visitor’s destination URL.
    This “profile code” consists of 3 numbers separated by dashes, indicating its specialty (or profession), its mode of exercise and its region of activity.
  • A doubly specific recognition code calculated from the medipasse code of the visitor and the URL of the visited site, then encrypted.
    This “recognition code” consists of several numbers, appearing at the end of the destination URL. It is not universal (different on each site for the same individual), but it is constant on each site for the same visitor.
    It allows sites that have a personal database to reconcile the code of each of their visitors with the name in their database. Of course this requires that the visitor concerned has explicitly given the site its identity and its agreement to make this connection.