Site wishing not to show the URL of its professional pages

The visitor can theoretically bookmark the URL of a professional space to return directly to a subsequent visit. This represents a shortfall for the company JenWin, but also for your site because of the lack of display of the promotional page (source of funding of the system).

On the other hand, hiding the URL of your professional space will prevent it from being broadcast by people of good faith to an unauthorized audience.

Two simple and complementary ways to hide a URL.

  • Regularly change its label (if multiple addresses are involved, it is often enough to change the name of the folder that contains them). Periodically, an email will propose this change, indicating the exact date and time of the update. 
  • Install its home page in a frame, so that the browser’s address box displays the same label on all pages. Thus, the bookmark will take the visitor back to the homepage at a later visit.